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Phenolic Resin 2402


·The adhesive for shoes.

Key Atrributes

·Enhanced heat resistance and adhesion

·Small degree of deformation

·Good ductility and low stretchability

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    ·The adhesive for shoes.
    Key Atrributes
    ·Enhanced heat resistance and adhesion
    ·Small degree of deformation
    ·Good ductility and low stretchability
    Product Describe:
    2402 resin is a 100% fat-soluble phenolic resin with the advantages of light color, high transparency, high methylol number and modetate softening point. It is used as a rubber vulcanizing agent for butyl rubber, natural rubber, styrene butbutadiene rubber (SBR), and silica gel, and is prticularly suitable for vulcanized butyl rubber. 
    Tpye BF03 BF25-Z BF25-Z
    appearance Massive Flake Granule
    Softening point 100 100 100
    hydroxymethyl content 9-15% 9-15% 9-15%
    Fat-soluble ( 1:2 tung oil, 240℃) total dissolution total dissolution total dissolution
    Free phenol 1% 1% 1%
    Ash content 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
    This product is a rubber vulcanizing agent such as butyl rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene silica gel. It is especially suitable for vulcanization of butyl rubber. It is improves the heat resistance of butadiene rubber, has small deformation, good heat resistance and expansion strength large, low elongation and other excellent properties, the manufacture of heat-resistant butyl rubber products, reference dosage 5-10 parts;
    The production of neoprene adhesive, the resin is compatible with neoprene, and the prepared neoprene adhesive can improve the heat resistance temperature of the adhesive and increase the adhesion. It is especially suitable for shoe adhesives such as chloroprene grafting rubber. Its performance is comparable to that of imported similar resins.
    In the coatings industry, it can be used to produce raw materials for exterior enamels, floor paint, marine paints, anti-rust paints, water-based inks and thin-layer anti-rust oil products, and nitrocellulose paints prepared by heating with dry oil Good.
    Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Jitian chemical makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will confirm exactly to the values given.
    The standard package of series resins is 25 KG kraft paper bag. Samples ( 1kg ) is available for evaluation.  (note : the product’s specs and packing can be customized according to requirements.)
    storage under normal conditons and quick processing of opening bag is recommed.
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