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CPP E0101-X

Tpye: E0101-X

Appearance:   Yellow Granular

Viscosity (mPa. s): 800-1200

PH Value: 6。0~8。0 

Content of chloride (%):28。0~32。0

Volatility (%):   0.5max

ASH (%): 0.3max

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    Completely soluble in toluene and xylene. The solution has a good fluidty at room temperature. The material has very good weather resisting property, thermal aging resistivity, resistance to chemical attack, oil resistivity, ozone resistivity and fire resistance property.
    Tpye E0101-X
    Appearance  Yellow Granular
    Viscosity (mPa. s) 800-1200
    PH Value 6.0~8.0 
    Content of chloride (%) 28.0~32.0
    Volatility (%)  0.5max
    ASH (%) 0.3max
    Mainly used as adhesive agent of printing ink and plastics paint. The area of their application is shown as below:
    1. Used as adhesive agent of composite printing ink. It is available in producing the printing ink of biaxial oriental polypropylene (BOPP) that is used as packing film of candy and BOPP composite packing.
    2. Used in coating of BOPP film, adhesive of BOPP film & paper and the inner coating of pressure sensitive film made from BOPP.
    3. This material is also can be used in the laminated board of PP film and aluminum foil, seal agent of jojnt of PP pipe, flexibility agent of PP fiber, adhesive agent of thermal bonding film and skidproof agent of PP packing. 
    Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Jitian chemical makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will confirm exactly to the values given.
    The standard package of series resins is 25 KG kraft paper bag.
     (note : the product’s specs and packing can be customized according to requirements.)
    storage under normal conditons and quick processing of opening bag is recommed.
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