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Polyketone Resin
Polyketone Resin 
1, Origin from Factory in China 
2, High quality 
3, Good price 
4, Safety packing
  • Description
  • Specification
  • Specifications
    Polyketone Resin 
    1, Origin from Factory in China 
    2, High quality 
    3, Good price 
    4, Safety packing
    Product Describe:
    Polyketone resin is a kind of hard resin with high photostability. It’s non-toxic and light-coloured. And it’s soluble in any solvent used in coating industry except for fatty alkane and water. It also can be mixed and solved with many resins used in paint and ink. So it can raise paint’s and ink’s properties greatly, such as glossiness, adhesion, pigment wettability, hardness of surface layer and system’s solid content. Furthermore, it can reduce system’s viscosity. When it’s applied in adhesives, it can enhance their first adhesivity, especially it’s durable adhesivity.
    Model KR120 A81 KR100 KR80 Standards
      E0601 E0606 E0603 E0602  
    Softening point
    Hyddroxy value
    Acid value
    (40%2-propanol solution)
    Polyketone resin has good compatibility with the resins listed below:
    1.       Alkyd resin                 
    2.       chlorinated resin
    3.       Epoxy resin                    
    4.       Urea resin
    5.       Rosin resin
    6.       Maleic resin
    7.       Amino resin
    8.       Nitrocellulose
    9.       Phenol formaldehyde resin
    10.   Polyamide resin
    11.   Styrene resin and acrylic resin
    12.   Styrene-modified alkyd resin
    13.   Chlorinated ethylene copolymer
    14.   Chlorinated wax
    1.       ink: printing ink, gold blocking ink, anti-forge ink and flexible relief ink etc.
    2.       paint: nitro-paint, acrylic resin paint, chlorinated rubber paint, amino resin paint, polyester paint.( topcoat primer of automobile and motorcycle, primer of furniture, fancy paint etc.)
    3.       overprinting varnish: overprinting varnish for paper, cigarette bag etc.
    4.       adhesive: heat-melting type pressure sensitive adhesive,solvent sensitive adhesive.
    5.       colour paste: ideal interlocking material, can shorten paste maill time greatly.
    6.       colour powder: colour powder for electrostatic formation of image, such as electronic formation of image and electrostatic copy etc.
    7.       ball pen ink: write fluently, not leak ink.
    Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Jitian chemical makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will confirm exactly to the values given.
    Colourless or yellowish powder, paper-plastics composite bag, net weight: 25kg.
    Packed in 25kgs/Bag;  1*20GP=15MT with Pallet;  Packing details can be adjusted according to
    Stored at dry and ventilated condition, be far away from flame. Th shelf life is one year. Take shelter from light and rain during transportation.
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