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Aqueous acrylic emulsion

Product: E0503

Appearance: Milk white liquid

Solid content(150℃,20min): 33%

PH Value: 7-8

Viscosity(NDJ-1viscometer,25℃,2#rotor,60min): 800-1500cps

TG value℃ :-13

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    The product is polymerized from acrylic monomers, with self-crosslinking property and dry film forming. Because of its excellent comprehensive performance and wide use, it has become a popular base resin.
    Product E0503
    Appearance Milk white liquid
    Solid content(150℃,20min) 33%
    PH Value 7-8
    Viscosity(NDJ-1viscometer,25℃,2#rotor,60min) 800-1500cps
    TG value℃ -13
    Acrylic hard resin with good adhesion to various materials, suitable for preparing exterior wall primer, exterior wall self-cleaning finish and drawing paint. The finished product has excellent water-proof, acid-alkali resistance and moisture resistance. 
    50 kg/barrel.
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